Schiphol GRT Application

In the mid-‘90’s Amsterdam Airport Schiphol decided to improve the quality of its’ (10.000 spaces) long term parking lot P3. Part of the plan designed was the implementation of the ParkShuttle pilot-project to improve the service to airline-passengers and confirm Schiphols image. The pilot was limited to the parking facility itself, but a next phase could have connected directly to the terminals.

In 1997 four ParkShuttles were installed. The track consisted of two (single directions) loops of 1km, each with 3 stations. Each loop had several crossings for automobile traffic (equipped with barriers and traffic lights) and pedestrians (audible alarms). To ensure maximum flexibility in the operations the vehicles are able to access both loops.

During the pilot the ParkShuttles transport passengers from the shuttle stops near their cars to the main stop near the passenger lounge. From here buses provide transportation towards the passenger terminals. The service is available 24/7 and free of charge to users of the parking lot. Surveys prove that the system is well used and greatly appreciated.

At any given time three ParkShuttles are in operation, while one vehicle is being charged. When there are no transportation requests, the vehicles space themselves along the track to ensure minimal waiting times at each stop. When necessary the charging vehicle can be made operational by manual override from the supervisory control system to provide additional capacity.

The main purpose of the pilot project was to acquire knowledge about passenger acceptance, ease of use, traffic management, comfort and safety of the ParkShuttle.  In a next phase the track could have been extended to the passengers terminals. Although surveys showed great passenger satisfaction over the 7 years of operations of the pilot system, they were (temporarily) ceased in 2004. Installation of the 2nd generation ParkShuttle was seriously considered, but based on the uncertainty in the airline-industry the decision has been postphoned. 2getthere remains in contact with Schiphol Airport with regard to the operations of automated people mover systems.

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol Application summarized:

Description: Parking lot connection
Operational period: 1997 –2004
Patronage: >2.500.000 passengers (estimated)
Peak Capacity: 400 p/ph
Service Frequency: On-demand
Times of Operation: 24/7 (365 days per year)
Configuration: 2 loop network
Operations: On-demand
Connections: Ride sharing, Multiple Origins to Multiple Destinations
Type of vehicle: 1st generation ParkShuttle
Number of Vehicles: 4
Passengers seated/standing: 8 / 4
Drive: Electric
Supervisory Control System: Transit Operations Monitoring and Supervision (TOMS)
Track Length: 2 loops of 1.000 meters
Number of Stations: 7, on-line
Berths per station: 6 single berth stations, 1 station with 3 berths
Crossings for Traffic/Pedestrians: 6 (all at-grade)/ 12 (all at-grade)

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