Supply Consortium

2getthere has formed a supply consortium with reputable third party experts to realize Automated People Mover Applications. For each application 2getthere co-operates with permanent development partners as well as (often local) project partners.

Through the cooperative partnerships and the partners expertise in their respective fields, access to the latest developments and knowledge is guaranteed, while also ensuring the stability of the individual companies and the consortium both short term and long term. The inherent flexibility of the set-up, allows 2getthere to scale-up and down rapidly depending on the amount and size of the projects in its portfolio.2getthere features marketing partners (agents), development partners (suppliers) and project partners (suppliers) working in consortium form on the realization of applications.

Cargotec: 2getthere co-operates with Cargotec ACT for the development and installation of the advanced controls for the Automated People Mover Systems (both PRT and GRT). Cargotec  is a global provider of container and heavy duty materials handling equipment and leading the way in port automation applications with its application of unmanned container handling technology. In 2006 Cargotec’s net sales were EUR 2.6 billion. Cargotec’s class B shares are listed on the Helsinki Stock Exchange. 


Spijkstaal Elektro: Spijkstaal provides vehicle platform and energy management system engineering as well as production capabilities. Spijkstaal is an independent Dutch company producing between 450 and 500 electrical vehicles every year, which are used at flower auctions, airports, car factories, manufacturing companies, hospitals and care institutions. Through innovation and flexibility, Spijkstaal has grown to become a modern enterprise. Spijkstaal has been ISO 9001:2000 accredited since 2003. 


Zagato: the design of the 2nd generation CyberCab (at Masdar) is by Zagato. A redesign of the ParkShuttle is also in development. SZ Design is a modern design consultancy and engineering services company situated just outside Milan. The company’s premises occupy an area of 23,000 square meters, of which 11,000 square meters are covered. Closely geared towards the changing requirements of the modern automotive industry, the company offers comprehensive and highly flexible in-house styling, modeling, engineering and prototype construction facilities. 


SLTN: is 2getthere’s partner for the design and construction of the ICT network and the communication systems. SLTN is a well-qualified, professional ICT organization with a culture focused on flexibility and creativity. SLTN works with its customers to realize custom (and innovative ) ICT solutions supporting the organizations within the required constraints. SLTN is a financially independent organization founded in 1997, currently employing over 100 people and serving major customers including many A-brands (especially in the banking industry) as premier/gold partner of many ICT system suppliers. 


Benteler Automotive: partner for the engineering and the assembly of 2getthere’s Automated People Mover Systems. Benteler Engineering Service has with its foundation companies Incon, PDE and Fasitet proved itself with over 50 years of experience as an innovative and reliable partner. Bentelers engineers and technicians use their expertise and know-how to build high class prototypes for design and test purposes. 


Unihorn: Unihorn, a division of Ooms International, contributes engineering expertise and supply of modified bituminous binders in order to ensure the track surface has the required hardness for the repetitive nature of driving of the vehicles. Ooms Avenhorn Groep’s product line includes the innovative Sealoflex and Gridseal products as well as Road Energy Systems. 


SMRT Corporation: is Singapore’s premier multi-modal public transport service provider offering integrated transport services island-wide. Established in 1987, SMRT has been listed on the Singapore Exchange since July 2000. In our core transport business, we are committed to offering a safe, reliable and friendly travel experience on our extensive network of trains, buses and taxis supported by retail amenities conveniently located within our stations. SMRT is 2getthere’s partner in the operations for the Masdar City PRT system. 


ConneXXion: Connexxion is the Dutch market leader concerning collective public road transportation. In addition to road transportation, Connexxion also provides other transportation services, such as transportation over water and rail transportation. ConneXXion is the operator of the ParkShuttle system at business park Rivium. 


United Technical Services: In a Joint Venture with United Technical Services, a pioneering force for engineered products and services, 2getthere offers Sales, Design, Build, Operations and Maintenance services for the advanced transport and logistic vehicles in the Middle East. 


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