Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) and Group Rapid Transit (GRT) systems are ideally suited as feeder systems or as local transit systems. A local transit system connects facilities within a certain location (e.g. within a business district). These systems have a high level of sophistication, allowing both line and network configurations and being able to operate a short headways.

Main reasons to consider these type of automated systems is the reduced operational and life cycle costs. Electronically guided people movers, such as marketed by 2getthere, minimize the capital costs of the infrastructure in comparison to rail-guided systems. The automated system provides an improved service to the passengers: 24hr transportation, on-demand or at a high frequency. Cities benefit from reduction of car traffic, congestion and the environmentally friendly character of the transportation system. To (real estate) developers and resorts the system presents the possibility to reduce space wasted for non-value added activities (such as parking) by connecting locations and optimizing land use.

Personal Rapid Transit: PRT is ‘a transport method that offers personal, on-demand non-stop transportation between any two points on a network of specially built guide-ways’
Group Rapid Transit: GRT is an automated transit system with an exclusive right-of-way, accomodating a shared ride for 6 to maximum 30 passengers per vehicle.
Freight Rapid Transit: FRT are vehicles developed based on the PRT and GRT vehicles to be able to transport freight over the same network as the vehicles on which they are based.

Each system has its own niche; however, all the forms can also be combined in a single application!

For every project there should be match between the characteristics of the transportation system (whether traditional or automated) and the application. To be able to achieve the best fit, 2getthere does not want to limit itself to a single product – having to push this concept for every application whether it suited or not. 2getthere offers the in-house developed PRT (CyberCab) and GRT (ParkShuttle) systems. For each application the most suitable system can be selected based on application characteristics, requirements and the customer preferences.

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