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1. When was 2getthere established? 2getthere was established in 2001. Formerly it was a business unit within Frog Navigation Systems. It was established as an independent company to capitalize on the people mover market opportunity and split off in 2007.

2. Who is ‘behind’ 2getthere? 2getthere is a privately owned company. To ensure that 2getthere can handle larger projects the company co-operates closely with expert partners, who provide expertise, the ability to upgrade the organization quickly based on the work-load and ensure that as supplying consortium there is sufficient financial capability and stability.

3. What is the mission of 2getthere? 2getthere’s mission is to develop, market, implement and (if required) operate, sustainable Automated People Mover Systems, with an excellent availability, reliability and safety, which to passengers provide efficient, high quality, tailored transport solutions, while minimizing capital and operational costs.

4. What is the competency of 2getthere? 2getthere focuses on the market and its requirements – realization of people mover applications being the primary objective. The company actively stimulates, follows and adopts the future development of the technology for automatic vehicles. Application engineering and project management is done in-house, adding to the existing knowledge regarding the requirements of automated people mover systems, applications and customers. 2getthere co-operates with development and (local) project partners to supply a customized application to the customer. The company has over 10 years of experience with automated people mover systems.

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