Automated People Mover Systems

Automated People Movers

Automated People Movers

By means of the dedicated (elevated) guideways, Automated People Movers (APM) facilitate direct, high capacity connections along a corridor. Where traditional APM systems use large vehicles at low frequencies, 2getthere employs 24-passenger GRT vehicles at high frequencies. The system accommodates capacities in excess of 5,000 passengers per hour per direction. With a maximum speed of 60km/hr, the system is suited to serve both short connections (up to 1.5 kilometer) as well as long corridors (e.g. 12 kilometers).

De-railing APM costs

2getthere’s systems range between 50% to 75% of the costs of traditional APM systems, depending on the required capacity and the length of the connection. This cost advantage directly results from the lack of rail, the reduced infrastructure costs and the increased flexibility. The off-line stations allow express connections between major attractors to be established, reducing the fleet size. In addition the system improves the service level (and hence the possible revenues), resulting in a more attractive business case.

People Mover Applications

Automated People Mover systems are common at the world’s major airports. The lower costs and more attractive business case make 2getthere’s APM systems suited for smaller airports as well. The systems are also suited for urban applications, both for point-to-point connections as well as corridors. This is especially the case when initial demand is relatively low and growing over time, or in case of significant deviations in demand between the various hours of operations. The smaller vehicles and flexibility also allow for networks to be realized.

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