May 062011

CityMobil is celebrating the end of its five year programme on the development and demonstration of innovative transport technologies for cities with a major international conference in La Rochelle (France), a city well known for pioneering innovative sustainable mobility solutions. Results from the three large-scale implementations (Heathrow, Castell├│n and Rome) and from the industrial and academic research will be presented together with general analyses on the advantages and difficulties of introducing new transport technologies.Specialists in urban planning will present their views on the changes which can be expected from the introduction of these new (semi-)automated transportation systems to make life in cities better and more sustainable. The conference will be held in parallel with an exhibition of automated vehicles .

Before, during and after the conference, visitors will be able to experience one of the first transportation systems based on fully automated vehicles in the public space. This demonstration will be the last of the “showcases” which were carried out in several European cities during the CityMobil project. It will run close to the conference venue in La Rochelle and will last until July 2011.

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