Supply Consortium

supply consortium


Supply Consortium

2getthere’s activities include the design and delivery of the project, but also the maintenance, support and operations of the realized system. 2getthere will form a supply consortium for every project with reputable third party experts. For the realization of the infrastructure 2getthere will typically work together with a local construction company. Together the companies have the critical mass to complete the projects.

Development Partners

Iconic Italian car-design firm responsible for the design of the 2getthere’s vehicles.

Leading supplier of innovative ICT solutions, server and communication network designs.

over 75 years experience with electric mobility, provides chassis and drive-line.

BentelerBenteler Engineering Services
Partner for the engineering and the assembly of vehicles.

Operations Partners

UTSUnited Technical Services   
UAE based joint venture partner for applications in the Gulf Coast Countries.

Preferred partner for operations of automated applications in Asia-Pacific and the Middle-East.


In addition to the partners, 2getthere has a close working relationship with its suppliers. The suppliers are involved on a project basis, selected based on quality and experience. Suppliers who 2getthere is working with or has worked with include Strukton (electrical engineering), DuvedeC (vehicle body engineering), Royal Haskoning (civil engineering), Heavac (air conditioning), Gradus Borkent (body finishing), DC Airco (air conditioning), MPPD Design and Engineering (vehicle body engineering), NLR (energy management).

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