Vision and Mission




To accommodate sustainable mobility for people, planet and profit

With the world’s population ever increasing combined with the depletion of our natural resources, the world is in need for energy efficient and environmentally friendly means of transportation to fulfill the basic need of mobility. Automated Transit Networks can contribute to this by providing the first and last miles links to public transportation networks, enlarging the catchment area’s of stations and making the public transportation chain more competitive to the use of the car.


To be recognized as the leading supplier of Personal Rapid Transit and Group Rapid Transit solutions

As the only supplier with a portfolio featuring multiple types of systems, having realized multiple applications, and being able to offer the most advanced technology, 2getthere is capable of providing an appropriate solution for many applications. In the assessment of any application, the requirements and characteristics of the transit demand will determine the best solution.


Committedbound to a certain course or policy; dedicated. 

2getthere is committed to realizing the best system, configured to meet the needs and wants of our customers and passengers.

Collaborative: to work with another or others on a joint project.

2getthere will work together closely with its partners in ensuring the best possible system for any application.

Innovativea product, idea, etc. featuring new methods; advanced and original

2getthere will apply advanced technologies to improve both the costs and the service its systems feature.

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