Extension Taiwan agency agreement

Vivian Chien, CEO of Land Network and Carel van Helsdingen, CEO of 2getthere, formalized the extension of the agency agreement of Land Network for Taiwan for the next 2 years.


2getthere CEO Carel van Helsdingen: ‘Land Network has been very active the past four years in the Taiwanese market, reaching out to potential customers and building relationships. There is a strong interest and Land Network has established excellent contacts as evidenced by the Memorandum of Understanding signed with Hsin-Jie for the application in Hsinchu City. There are several other projects that are sensible, featuring very solid business cases. We look forward to working on those further with Land Network’.

Vivian Chien adds on behalf of Land Network: ‘We saw the potential for innovative transit systems in Taiwan years ago. We investigated which supplier had the best product and would be able and committed to support our efforts. The cooperation with 2getthere has been very close and positive. We look forward to building on the ground work that has been done and move towards realization of multiple systems in Taiwan.’

On September 24 Land Network and 2getthere will present at the 2015 Ecomobility Conference in Kaohsiung. The companies will present on PRT (Personal Rapid Transit) and GRT (Group Rapid Transit) as feeder systems to public transit networks ensuring that the catchment areas of existing stations are expanded and public transit as a whole is made more attractive. The presentation starts at 14.00hr, please be sure to join through: http://ecomobility2015.kktix.cc/events/registrationform?locale=en

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