Masdar Operations

The Masdar PRT system was taken into operation on Sunday November 28th. The system is operational 18 hours a day (between 06.00hr and 00.00hr). The system operates on demand, with a minimum of 7 vehicles operational during all peak hours.

The number of passengers is gradually increasing, most notably during the weekends.

Total December January February
Number of passengers 10,109 16,329 18,520
Number of trips (with passengers) 5,548 8,344 8,974
Average vehicle occupancy 1.7 2.0 2.1
Peak-day number of passengers 589 1,006 850
Total kilometers driven 5,386 10,164 10,784
Vehicle availability 99.8% 99.7% 99.8%
System availability 98.6% 99.2% 99.2%

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