Rivium GRT

Group Rapid Transit on a single lane bridge


Rivium GRT

The Parkshuttle connects the subway station Kralingse Zoom and business park Rivium in the city of Capelle aan den IJssel. A pilot operated between February 1999 to November 2001, with the system being extended and replaced with six 2nd generation vehicles in 2006. The application now features 5 stations, serving two business parks and a residential area, over a length of 1.8 kilometers. The system is operational between 06.00 in the morning and 21.00 at night on weekdays only, carrying approximately 2,000 passengers per day.

System Operations

The system carries up to 500 passengers per hour per direction. Each vehicle accommodates up to 24 passengers, with seating provided for 12. In the peak hour all six vehicles are operational, with three alternating charging in off-peak hours. Where the vehicles operate at a 2.5 minute interval in the rush hours (to optimize capacity), the operator can select whether the system should operate on-demand or at a 5-minute interval in other hours of operation. The range of the vehicles is 75 kilomters, with recharging of the lead-acid batteries taking up to six hours.

Unique in the world

The ParkShuttle system is unique in the world in that it is the only automated system operating at grade, featuring (5) at grade intersections with other traffic, and is truly automated (no safety driver or steward). The operations are monitored by a single operator (per shift), who is also responsible for cleaning and sales of individual tickets. There is one maintenance engineer during office working hours, supported by 2getthere for maintenance activities and remote support based on the log files. With the low overhead, the system has proven profitable.

More Information:

Please visit http://www.riviumworld.nl/


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