Rivium GRT

Group Rapid Transit on a single lane bridge


Rivium GRT

The initial decision to implement the ParkShuttle between the subway station Kralingse Zoom and business park Rivium in the city of Capelle aan den IJssel was taken in 1995. The goal of the Rivium GRT pilot was to prove that reasonable expense, a better service and higher frequency could be achieved – making public transportation a more attractive alternative for car drivers. 

From February 1999 to November 2001, three ParkShuttle vehicles operated on the 1300-meter single lane trajectory.

System Configuration

The number of vehicles (6) and the capacity of the vehicles – 20 passengers – doubled. The quality was also improved by applying state-of-the-art automotive know-how and technology; the vehicles are now more reliable, comfortable, quiet and fast.

During peak-hours all vehicles are operational, on-schedule, based on a 2.5 minute interval. The scheduled service ensures the capacity is optimized, while the on-demand operations in off-peak hours ensure the passenger service is maximized.


The passenger acceptance of the system has been high from the start of the project, with over 2.500 people using it daily. As it is a dedicated link to the business park it is only operational during the working week, from 06.00 in the morning until 21.00 hours at night.

The operations are monitored by a single operator, with a team of three for operations, cleaning, ticket sales and light maintenance. 2getthere provides maintenance and remote support to operator Connexxion.

The anticipatated required capacity was quickly exceeded due to the expansion of the business park. The success of the system prompted the decision in December 2001 to upgrade the system from its’ pilot status. In phase II, the trajectory was extended and the number of stations increased to 5. The 1800-meter track has 3 stops within business park Rivium. The dedicated infrastructure, installed at grade, is now dual lane (with exception of the tunnel and bridge). Several at grade crossings with pedestrian and car traffic are realized.

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