The ParkShuttle system is unique in the world in that it is the only autonomous system operating without safety driver or steward. It has been in operation since February 1999, featuring at grade intersections with other traffic. With the introduction of the new system for Rivium 3.0, the vehicles will also run on the public roads. The operations are monitored by a single operator (per shift), who is also responsible for cleaning and sales of individual tickets

Rivium 1.0: 1999

Three 1st generation ParkShuttles, each accommodating 8 seated passengers and two standees, connect subway station Kralingse Zoom (Rotterdam) and Rivium business park in the city of Capelle aan den IJssel. The first phase operated between February 1999 to November 2001, serve two stations approximately 1.2 kilometers apart. The route is a single lane with passing locations as it was originally intended as a bike path, featuring a signature bridge to cross a major highway.

Rivium 2.0: 2005

In 2001 the decision is made to upgrade the Rivium system. Six 2nd generation vehicles, accommodating up 24 passengers, are introduced. With new developments (business park Brainpark III and residential area Fascinatio) being introduced along the route, and it being extended deeper into rivium (increasing the length to 1.8 kilometers), the number of stations increased to five. This also results in intersections with car (3) and pedestrian (5) traffic being introduced.

Rivium 3.0: 2019

In 2018 the parties agree to upgrade and extend the project further. By September 2019 six 3rd generation vehicles will commence operations on the existing route. By late 2020 the route will be extended in mixed traffic to establish the unique link between Rotterdam’s metro network and the waterbus connecting the Drechtsteden located south of the city. The announcement of the renewal put the wheels in motion on the redevelopment of Rivium, where housing is being added.

Rivium 2nd generation:12 years of L4 Operations

Rivium 2nd generation:12 years of L4 Operations

The 2nd generation ParkShuttle has been in operation for 12+ years, carrying over 8 million passengers over that period. It is still the only autonomous system worldwide that operates without safety steward on-board, while featuring at grade intersections.