Stazione Futura

Stazione Futuro is the exhibition that tells of the Italy of the years to come. A hypertechnological future full of surprises, yet very close to us and already largely ready to be told. This is because, shut away in important university research centres and company laboratories, but also in lots of homes and small private studios, there are already people who are working on innovative and revolutionary projects, capable of radically changing a significant part of our lives and habits. In the years to come, the widespread dissemination of broadband (ultra-broadband in cities) will increase the potential of the Internet, encouraging the ultra-fast transmission of an infinitely vast amount of information and knowledge, offering new communication and job opportunities. Home automation and the use of new materials will transform our homes into “intelligent homes”, capable of independently managing functions and duties that we are currently responsible for.

2getthere’s PRT 1:1 scale model, as previously shown at the World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi, will be shown at Stazione Futuro from June through August.

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