Autonomous Vehicle Systems for Smart Cities

2getthere delivers Autonomous Vehicle Systems for Smart Cities. The technology is based on 25+ years of experience with autonomous vehicles in various demanding environments. Depending on the requirements and configuration of the application, 2getthere’s driverless vehicles can used to realize Automated People Mover Systems, Automated Transit Networks and Driverless Buses.

Automated People Mover Systems

2getthere’s APM systems operate on a dedicated, elevated track. The track ensures a direct connection with grade separated intersections. Platooning ensures a high capacity can be achieved (3,000 to 8,000 pphpd).

Automated Transit Networks

2getthere’s ATN systems operate on a dedicated track, which can be realized at grade. At grade intersections with both motorized and slow traffic are possible if the intensity of flows allows. The capacity that can be achieved is moderate to high (1,500 to 5,000 pphpd depending on the  configuration).

Driverless Buses

2gettthere’s Driverless Buses (a.k.a. Autonomous Shuttles) are capable of sharing the road with both motorized and slow traffic. Depending on the degree of complexity and the control over the environment, the operations either require monitoring or can be fully autonomous. The capacity provided is low (500 to 2,500 pphpd).

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