Accessing the Smart City via
the Amsterdam Lelylaan hub

the world’s first autonomous
system operating without a
safety driver or steward

Masdar City:
10 years of operations 
at >99.7% system availability

Systems for an
automated future


Big Kahuna, out (mic drop)

Big Kahuna, out (mic drop)

Blog by Robbert Lohmann, Chief Commercial Officer Only the great leaders amongst us can leave the big stage with a reference to their (nick)name and a mic drop. Kobe Bryant in sports (Mamba), Barack Obama in politics (Obama) and Carel van Helsdingen (the Big Kahuna)...

The 2020s self driving challenge

The 2020s self driving challenge

Blog by Robbert Lohmann, Chief Commercial Officer the 2020s Self Driving Challenge: what does the upcoming decade bring when it comes to autonomous vehicles? BLOG: the 2020s Self Driving Challenge When we look back at the past decade, 2010 was a good start for...

Autonomous shuttles on the airport apron

Autonomous shuttles on the airport apron

A case study on autonomous shuttles operating on the airport apron. Triple AAA: Airport Apron Autonomous Shuttles In 1971 the world's first automated people mover was introduced at Tampa Airport in Florida, with over 50 airports worldwide following suit. Airports now...

Autonomous shuttles competition: The good, the bad and the ugly

Autonomous shuttles competition: The good, the bad and the ugly

Blog by Robbert Lohmann, Chief Commercial Officer OK, short summary: 2getthere is good, the competition is bad and their vehicles are ugly! No arguments – that’s what I thought – so case closed. End of blog 😊 (just kidding) Autonomous shuttles competition: the good,...

The need for speed!

The need for speed!

Blog by Robbert Lohmann, Chief Commercial Officer You have to provide value (short travel times) to the passenger. Depending on the value that the passenger experiences, he’s going to be willing to pay for the service that is provided. The Need for Speed for...

Vehicle types

GRT vehicle: automated minibus

2getthere’s GRT vehicles are automated minibuses accommodating up to 22 passengers (8 seated, 14 standing). The vehicles allow for easy access through accurate docking at the stations, enabled by the ‘crabbing’ capability of the front and rear wheel steering.

PRT vehicle: automated taxi

2getthere’s PRT vehicle accommodates a 6-person family (4 adults, 2 children) with additional space for either a wheelchair or luggage. It combines the desirable aspects of the car (private travel at any time) with the social advantages of public transport (no congestion and parking issues).


Cost efficient bi-directional capability

The navigation is based on virtual routes. Vehicles follow the received set points for the routes, based on a robust and complex algorithm which controls multiple physical points of the vehicle. They keep track of their position by measuring distance (wheel revolutions) and the direction of travel (steering angle and gyro). The desired routes are followed within centimeters accuracy, even at high speeds (60km/h). The navigation control software is modular and generic in architecture, supporting any vehicle type and wheel configuration.

Perception systems: sense and understanding

2getthere is actively developing enhanced perception systems for better sense and understanding. This includes sensor fusion, using 3D camera systems, LiDAR, radar and ultrasound sensors as well as classification. The aims are to improve redundancy and safety, ensure operations under all adverse weather conditions and ultimately 360-degree awareness. The latter is especially for operations in mixed traffic with other road users, allowing to anticipate the unexpected through recognition and understanding of their intentions.


Test Engineer

2getthere is looking for a test engineer wanting to prepare and execute the required test cases to deliver autonomous vehicle systems to projects worldwide. The work includes set up and configuration for new applications and subsystems, system integration, product acceptance, site acceptance and regression testing.

Vehicle Software Developer

2getthere is looking for vehicle software developer to contribute to our state-of-the-art vehicle software ‘Forces’. You will be responsible for software and system design, design and implementation of unit, subsystem and integration tests as well as the set up and configuration of new applications.

Senior System Engineer

2getthere is looking for a system engineer to define the concept of operations and the overall system requirements, which will be further detailed in subsequent project phases to subsystem requirements such as the vehicles, the civil infrastructure (stations, guideways, etc.) the supervisor system and the ICT infrastructure.