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Airport APM systems

by Rolo

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The challenge

Airports are transforming into aerotropolises where everything needs to keep moving. Passenger flows have become the focus in the design of new terminals and ground transportation facilities. Planners are faced with rising passenger numbers in combination with restrictions in space and land use.

New airside developments (such as terminals) need to accommodate increasing safety and security pressures whilst reducing aircraft taxi and passenger handling time. Landside developments (such as parking facilities, car rental centers) may be located off-site; efficient links with the airport are required to facilitate transportation and economic activities.

The solution

Whatever size of airport, accessibility is becoming a competitive factor to persuade air travellers to select a certain airport. Airport planners no longer question the necessity and proven benefits of airport APM systems but have a pressing need for affordable alternatives to the generally heavy, more traditional rail-guided systems being offered today.

Highly efficient airport APM systems, such as 2getthere’s PRT and GRT systems, are a good fit for these requirements. The lower capital cost ensure 2getthere’s APM systems are also suited for the passenger flows that are typical at small and midsize airports.

Personal Rapid Transit

At airports 2getthere’s PRT system can interconnect prime locations and facilities such as car parks, hotels and offices to the terminal. An efficient network ensures short, direct connections. The PRT system is also well suited for connections between parking and the terminal as travelers tend to arrive individually or in small groups.

Group Rapid Transit

The GRT system can be implemented as inter terminal transit or serve as a feeder system to a car rental centre, staff parking facilities and remote parking. In comparison to a line-haul (mass transit) system it will offer shorter waiting times, higher frequencies and shorter total travelling times.

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