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Park Circulation

by Rolo

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The challenge

Leisure destinations, ranging from resorts to national parks, theme parks and entertainment districts, face similar accessibility issues: how to get guests to their location and how to distribute or guide them throughout the park (park circulation).

An efficient transit system adds to the appeal of the destination as a whole, optimizing the value presented and ensuring it of greater interest to visit than competitive places. Circulation is an absolutely critical, with the transit system having to address both distance and dispersal.

The solution

2getthere’s PRT and GRT systems facilitate accessibility and dispersal of guests. Park circulation concerns both transit from the parking to the facility and within the grounds themselves.

ATN enhance the guest experience and quality of the ride, but are also environmentally friendly. The fact that air- and noise pollution are minimized is especially important for national parks and resorts. ‘Soft mobility’ as provided by ATN, environmentally friendly travel by means of public transport, bicycle or foot, helps provide a balance between nature and accessibility.

Personal Rapid Transit

Operating as a personal taxi, PRT is an excellent fit with resorts and resort towns, providing visitors with direct transportation to all facilities.

Group Rapid Transit

With GRT accommodating higher capacities, it is a good fit as last mile feeder from the parking to the entrance. Alternatively it provides an  automated alternative for shuttle bus or road train services such as found in national parks and theme parks respectively.

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