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  • The navigation is based on virtual routes, using localization based on odometry in combination with natural or artificial landmarks. 2getthere’s software is agnostic and can accommodate both landmark types.

  • 2getthere’s Transit Operations Monitoring and Supervision (TOMS) system amongst others regulates traffic, coordinates transit scheduling based on demand, updates online, vehicle, station and operator screens and interfaces to the outside world in general.

  • 2getthere is actively developing enhanced perception systems for better sense and understanding. This includes sensor fusion, using 3D camera systems, LiDAR, radar and ultrasound sensors as well as classification.

  • Minimizing the headway and platooning are seen as solutions to increasing the capacity of transit systems. With platooning, cooperative driving, multiple vehicles are linked virtually thus operting as a train.

  • Energy Management

    by Rolo

    2getthere’s vehicles are designed for both cold and (extremely) warm climates. Charging of the vehicles is fully automatic, not requiring the vehicle to be plugged in manually or the operator to provide any order.

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