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Tests, demonstrations and studies

Tests, demonstrations and studies

2getthere was not only the first company to introduce autonomous vehicles without safety steward (a.d. 1997), but also the first company to demonstrate these is mixed traffic demonstrations (a.d. 2003). Although, just like all the demonstrations generating all the attention at this time, we had a safety steward on-board at that time. Based on this experience, we’ll admit that we aren’t necessarily a fan of demonstrations. However, we do see great value in tests, proof-of-concepts and studies. And have conducted numerous over the years, with the ones indicated below in the public domain.

  • At Nanyang Technological University’s campus, 2getthere’s autonomous shuttles were tested throughout 2018. It is ultimately the intention that the vehicles will be integrated into NTU’s transport network to serve between NTU’s halls of residences and the main academic areas.

  • In 2003 2getthere delivered a demonstration of its autonomous shuttles in mixed traffic during the EVMC exhibition in the port of Monaco. Throughout the years we have conducted several other demonstrations, tests and studies.

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