Bloomberg Brink is a new original series exploring the revolutionaries, dreamers and disrupters reshaping the future of entire industries. As part of their series Bloomberg Brink also reports on Masdar and the PRT (starting 14 minutes into the report).

From Bloomberg:
May 13 (Bloomberg) — The United Arab Emirates – a country enriched by its massive oil reserves is looking to position itself as a leader in a post-petroleum world. So they’ve built Masdar City, a low-carbon, zero-waste urban center that could sustain a 40,000 person population, 1,500 clean tech businesses, and 50,000 commuters while using 20% of the power of a conventional city of a smaller size.

The centerpiece of the project is the Masdar Institute of Science and Technology, a post-graduate university established in partnership with MIT that aims to be a hotbed for future innovation.