Wild Arabia explores the amazing contrasts and remarkable people that make Arabia so intoxicating

The BBC show Wild Arabia also includes a report on the Masdar development – and the automated PRT system part of it. In episode 3, Shifting Sands, the development and the system are shown, 43 and 45 minutes in respectively.

Series producer Dan Reese on his blog: ‘Wild Arabia was always envisaged as being about more than just the animals.

From the outset the production team was on the look-out for stories that would illustrate the ways in which people have adapted over the years to life in the extreme landscapes of this huge sub-continent. It’s a kind of ‘natural history in the broadest sense of the word’ – one that doesn’t try to pretend that humans aren’t a part of the ecosystem but at the same time, films those humans with the same kind of visually stunning photographic techniques we use for the wildlife.’