Dennis Mica, Business Development Manager, 2getthere

This is 10 years ago and we more-or-less still see the same demonstrations.

Insights in Driverless Transit

Earlier today 2getthere hosted ‘insights in driverless transit’ at business park Rivium in the City of Capelle aan den IJssel, providing information about the key aspects related to the realization of automated vehicle systems. The ParkShuttle system at Rivium remains the only automated vehicle system operational at grade, featuring at grade intersections with other traffic, which doesn’t require a safety driver or steward on each vehicle to warrant the safety.

The program ‘insight in driverless transit’ was hosted for consultants specifically, drawing visitors from Italy, South-Africa, Sweden, Norway, Singapore, USA and the Netherlands. Presentations during the morning program were made by the Metropolitan Region Rotterdam The Hague, Ricardo Rail, SMRT and 2getthere.

Podcar Conference

In the afternoon the ParkShuttle served as the reference visit preceding the Podcar Conference. Following earlier conferences in amongst others Silicon Vally, the conference is organized on 20 and 21 September in Antwerp, Belgium. In addition to 2getthere, the city of Capelle aan den IJssel and Connexxion shared their experiences with the operations of the ParkShuttle system over the last 10 years with the visitors.

Subject of presentations and discussion during the conference will be Mobility as a Service, experiences with operational systems, policy making, sustainability, safety, multimodility and ‘City of Things’. Speakers represent local authorities, real estate and system developers, public transit operators, consulants and universities.