Carel van Helsdingen, Chief Executive Officer, 2getthere

We are excited to collaborate with UTS for our installed base and to service new customers.

2getthere Middle East

Long time partner United Technical Services (UTS) with Omar Al Askari as CEO, has taken a stake in 2getthere, the leading supplier of innovative automated transit systems (amongst others the Masdar City PRT system) based in the Netherlands. In anticipation of the growing demand for 2getthere’s systems in the Middle East, the investment is used to support the road map development, organizational growth and marketing ambitions.

2getthere and UTS first joint efforts were made in 1996, marketing the innovative passenger transit systems within the United Arab Emirates. Over the years the co-operation has evolved, with the partners pursuing projects in Qatar, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia in addition to the United Arab Emirates. In 2014 the companies celebrated their co-operation on the eve of the Masdar City PRT system carrying its 1 millionth passenger.

As a leading supplier the Dutch company 2getthere develops, markets, implements and operates sustainable automated passenger transportation systems, building on 25+ years of technological development and experience gathered through multiple projects worldwide, in various and demanding situations. This is complemented by the local knowledge, expertise and understanding of United Technical Services. UTS is known for their high-performance as an engineering pioneer in the Middle East, ensuring a sound basis for the transit systems realized and to be realized in the future.

CEO of 2getthere Carel van Helsdingen stated: “We are very pleased to form this partnership with UTS. To have a regional industry leader, such as UTS, invest in 2getthere validates the quality of our services and technology. As part of a shared strategy, we believe in the importance of having a strong relation. We are excited to collaborate with UTS for our installed base and to service new customers.”