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Personal Rapid Transit

Personal Rapid Transit

Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) is ‘a transport method that offers personal, on-demand non-stop transportation between any two points on a network of specially built guide-ways’. A system features small automated vehicles (2 to 6 passengers) combining the desirable aspects of the car (private travel at any time) with the social advantages of public transport (no congestion and parking issues).

2getthere’s PRT system can be realized at grade, but also elevated, embedded in buildings or underground. The system can be configured to provide direct connections, on-demand operations and personal transportation, but ride sharing (single origin, multiple destinations) and scheduled operations (to optimize capacity) can also be implemented.

Personal Rapid Transit is all about network and vehicle controls. 2getthere’s ability to provide a PRT system is based on the well-proven (20+ years) FROG network and vehicle controls, fully customized for Automated People Mover requirements.

2getthere PRT

2getthere’s PRT accommodates a 6-person family (4 adults, 2 children) with additional space for either a wheelchair or luggage. The vehicle features an automated sliding door; optionally on both sides of the vehicle.

A PRT system can be installed as feeder system to a public transportation node, a parking facility or as a local transit system. Possible applications range from airports to business and industrial parks, campuses, urban – city centers and residential areas – as well as leisure (theme parks and resorts) applications.

For any application it is important that the PRT system fits within the environment. In an existing environment, the system will be optimized in light of the restrictions its surroundings pose, optimizing the value to both passengers and local residents. In a greenfield development the system optimization, within the site development, requires an integrated approach.

PRT specifications

Personal Rapid Transit offers a system capacity of 3,200 – 4,800 passengers phpd (all seats full). Realistically the capacity achieved for a single lane will hover around 2,000 passengers per hour though. A system can be economically viable from approximately 300 pax/h and/or 1,500 pax/day.

2getthere’s Personal Rapid Transit system has proven to be able to work at a 5 second headway. The technology is capable of 3 second headways, while still taking into account the brick wall stop requirement. The 2nd generation system is operational at Masdar City in Abu Dhabi, providing on-demand operations. Scheduled operations are feasible as well, optimizing the capacity of the system.

PRT stations will typically be off-line, avoiding delays for vehicles destined for a different station on the network. Both angled-berth stations, allowing independent entry and exit, and parallel berths are facilitated. 2getthere’s vehicles use a simple asphalt infrastructure, with small passive magnets added every 2 meters to allow for automated driving.

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