Driverless buses

Driverless Buses in mixed traffic

To introduce the newly developed 2nd generation GRT vehicle, 2getthere demonstrated the vehicle during the Electric Vehicle exhibition in Monte Carlo (EVMC) in 2003. Located in the port, a small lap was created within the site of the exhibition, where the driverless vehicle used the same street as the Formula 1 cars. With the vehicle operating amongst the visitors of the exhibition, it had a steward on-board to intervene when necessary. The most prominent passenger was Prince Albert, who officially opened the exhibition.

CyberCars in Antibes

In 2004 the city of Antibes hosted the closing conference of the CyberCars and CyberMove EU-research programs on driverless vehicles. Leading up to the conference, the 2nd generation GRT provided a demonstration on the Avenue du Verdun in the port of Antibes during two weeks. The road was closed to car traffic, with pedestrians and bikes able to intersect at any point along the track. All local schools visited the driverless vehicles, with a high speed test and emergency braking demonstrated during the conference.

Driverless vehicles in Delft and Utrecht

On the streets of Delft a demonstration was provided later that year to interest potential students in technical studies. Interacting with bikes on the streets along the canals, the steward never had to intervene despite the intensive bike traffic. A similar demonstration was organized in 2005, although mixing with car traffic, during the opening of the Hessing showroom in Utrecht. The driverless vehicles provided transportation towards the exclusive car dealership located in the sound barrier along the A2.