3.0: Replacing the service

In 2017 the city of Capelle aan den IJssel and 2getthere partnered to submit a proposal to ‘de Verkeersonderneming’ and were granted a 50% contribution for renewal and extension of the system. Starting 2020, six new 3rd generation vehicles will be introduced to replace the 15 year old vehicles that have been operating the route for 12 years day-in-day-out. Connexxion will continue to operate the system on the existing route, serving the existing stations.

3.1: Extending the route

In 2021 an extension of the route, in mixed traffic, is foreseen towards the waterfront where a stop for the Waterbus will be created. The ParkShuttle becomes the unique link between the Rotterdam metro network and the Waterbus. 2getthere works together closely with RDW, the Dutch road authority, to be approved as the first autonomous system to be certified for operations in mixed traffic without safety steward on-board. The extension increases ridership by an expected 20% to approximately 3,000 per day.

3.2: Increasing capacity

The introduction of the 3rd generation ParkShuttle was the spark that ignited the redevelopment of the Rivium business park. Where previously it was the business park in the Netherlands with the highest rate of available space, it is now (nearly) ‘sold out’. Offices are being transformed into housing and new residential buildings are introduced, resulting in 7,000 to 9,000 residents at Rivium. To accommodate livability and accessibility, the public transit capaacity needs to be upgraded to accommodate the redevelopment.