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Network Capacity

When configured as a network, both the capacity of the network as a whole as well as the line capacity for each link (expressed in the number of vehicles per hour and people per hour per direction) of the network should be determined. The theoretical capacity is based on full occupancy. For the nominal capacity the average occupancy needs to be established. With many stations the average occupancy will be lower as the likelihood of multiple passengers traveling from the same station to the same station at the same time is smaller.


The headway is the space between two vehicles from nose-to-nose, expressed in time, still allowing the trailing vehicle to stop without colliding with the stopped leading vehicle. The minimum headway determines the number of vehicles that can pass over a track section within a specific time frame, and thus its capacity. It should be noted that the minimum headway possible is not the average headway achieved. The latter determines the capacity and is dependent on the degree to which all possible slots on the guideway can be used.

Track Utilization

The degree to which the slots on the guideway can be used will typically not exceed 70%, unless stations feature launch positions. As the destination is often not the origin of the next trip, empty vehicle repositioning needs to be taken into account. The percentage of empty vehicle movement depends on the application. When headways allow it is even possible to integrate manually driven buses into the operations during peak times, as done at Rivium business park during construction works adjacent to the track.

2getthere is able to achieve network capacities up to 9,000 passengers per hour, while establishing line capacities of 2,000 pphpd and 4,500 pphpd for PRT and GRT respectively. Both the Masdar Phase I and Rivium applications feature a pinched loop configuration, with a capacity of 500 passengers per hour per direction. The limiting factor actually being the amount of vehicles available rather than the headway applicable.

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