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Capital Costs

2getthere’s ATN systems provide the best value of any automated system in the market. The guidance technology substantially reduces  infrastructure costs. In comparison to currently available Automated People Mover (APM) systems, the costs are only 60% to 70% in comparison to cable-guided technology. As such, the systems are also economically viable for applications with a low demand.

The costs are influenced predominantly by the capacity required (e.g. fleet size) and the complexity of the application. Based on key characteristics, including the envisioned route, station locations and capacity required, 2getthere is available to provide ballpark pricing: info@2getthere.eu.

Operational Costs

The advantage of automation is in cost savings in the operations. A single operator can oversee the operations of multiple vehicles, reducing the labor requirement significantly. Additionally, the automated operations ensure equipment being operated within the design specifications – resulting in a longer life span of components and reduced maintenance. Finally, incidental damages are also avoided.

As a rule-of-thumb the operational costs, including remote support and spare parts, will range between 7 and 10% of the investment in the system (excluding infrastructure). In an alternative set-up, with the risk of spare parts resting with the owner and not the operator, the costs can even be reduced further.

Business Case

In public transit the ride fare is typically the dominant source of operational income, in addition advertising and sponsorship generate revenue as well. In automated systems ride fare collection requires additional infrastructure (e.g. turn stiles) to verify whether passengers are holding a valid ticket. As this increases capital costs, alternative cost coverage models are sensible.

The costs could be included in a parking fee or in the service costs of buildings. Significant savings are realized by reduced traveling time, environmental load and traffic casualties. These can be monetized, but as they don’t generate cash are typically not taken into consideration for the business case.

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