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Road or Guideway

2getthere’s systems can operate on a standard road, as the technology requires no physical guidance. The accuracy of the obstacle detection ensures road width can be minimized: a mere 15cm at either side at straight sections suffices. In case of a single lane an emergency walkway may be required; in the case of a double lane infrastructure the 2nd lane would function as such. To ensure passenger comfort and safety the road would need to meet the smoothness and skid resistance requirements.

Station Design

Each station can be individually designed based on its local spatial planning, throughput and amenities. Accommodating passenger flow and ensuring that the usage of the system remains intuitive is key. 2getthere’s stations are typically created off-line. However, on-line stations are possible when the headway between vehicles allows for this. In case of a longitudinal configuration, the dwell time should be shorter than the arrival rate to prevent the station needing multiple berths and/or platforms.

Angled berth stations allow vehicles to move into and out of the berths relatively independently. Coordination between arriving and departing vehicles is essential to prevent delays. The berths at a station will need to be equipped with platform screen doors when the station features a high throughput and there is a chance of crowding (such as those in Masdar City). In applications, and at stations, featuring a lower throughput requirement, platform screen doors are an option, rather than a requirement (as can be seen in the Rivium project). 

Typically, automated systems are installed grade separated (i.e. elevated). 2getthere’s systems can also be installed at grade, although this is only possible when the number of crossings with other traffic is manageable and the intersecting flows both feature a low intensity of traffic.

Currently, mixed operations with trained users is already possible, with 2getthere’s development roadmap incorporating a higher degree of mixed traffic in parallel to the availability of new obstacle detection technology.

GRT station

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