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Operations and Maintenance

by Rolo




Automated systems provide predictable and reliable operations with considerably lower costs. For any application the operations and maintenance are geared to:

  1. Avoid and minimize injuries and property damage
  2. Care for the health and safety needs of passengers and personnel
  3. Maintain law and order and a safe working environment
  4. Provide for continuity of operations and restore essential services
  5. Provide recovery operations to expedite the return to normal operations
  6. Provide timely and accurate information.

The number of required operators depends on the size of the application and the the local rules and regulations.


The maintenance of the system consists of on site services and remote support.

On-site daily visual inspections and cleaning of key components are necessary. The vehicle components are inspected and maintained in accordance with the maintenance schedule. The schedule provides for weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or quarterly inspections of components.

Remote support is available for both the vehicle (components and controls), the supervisory system and the ICT network (communication system). Through a secure remote login, 2getthere’s engineers can follow operations in real time and assist in resolving any disturbances or issues.


The GRT system at Rivium is operated  at an interval of 2,5 minutes in the peak hour. Only one operator is required on site during operational hours. As the system is operated 16 hours a day on working days, a team of three operators provides light maintenance and cleaning for all operations.

At Masdar City a staff of just eight (4 operators, 3 engineers and a manager) provides operations and maintenance of the PRT system to ensure operations 18/7. At any time of the day a minimum of 2 staff are on-site. 2getthere co-operates closely with SMRT to provide the operations for the application.

2getthere is achieving excellent system availability and vehicle reliability figures at Masdar City (99,7% and 99,9%) and Rivium Business Park (99% and 99,9%).

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