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Engineered to last

2getthere’s systems are designed for sustainability in all aspects. They are engineered to last more than 12 years, incorporating high-quality materials and reducing the number of required components. The electrically driven systems are emission free at the point of operation and energy efficient. The space requirement (track width) is minimized to allow for easy integration if installed at-grade and with minimal visual intrusion and costs for elevated construction.

Electric Power

2getthere’s vehicles are equipped with an electric engine, typically powered by on-board power source. The on-board power source can be sophisticated LiFePO4 batteries, capacitors or a hybrid engine. The packaging allows for easy future incorporation of alternative green power sources, such hydrogen power once available (a preliminary study has been conducted). The average energy use (per vehicle) per kilometer is (only) 0,18 kWh.


All energy sources available ensure the vehicles are either emission free or feature low emissions (in the case a hybrid engine). The emissions saved concern both Co2 and NOx. In comparison to traditional transportation significant emission savings are realized, with further savings realized as the use of the personal car for the same trip is avoided. For each application an environmental impact assessment can determine the direct and indirect emission savings generated.



EU Research Programs CyberCars and CyberMove’s closing conference was hosted by the City of Antibes in the south of France. A 2-week demonstration of 2getthere’s GRT vehicle was the highlight of the event, with multiple schools visiting to gain an impression. Based on her visit, a 12 year old pupil drew a comparison between a diesel powered, manually driven bus and the electrically driven ParkShuttle.

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