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2getthere featured in Dutch Innovation Roadshow in Taiwan

Robbert Lohmann, Chief Operations Officer, 2getthere

[quote]”Initiatives such as these allow Dutch companies to present themselves well abroad.”[/quote]


This October the Netherlands Trade and Investment Office (NTIO) roadshow is visiting 7 cities and counties in Taiwan, showcasing Dutch innovations. As part of the roadshow, 2getthere’s local agent Land Network, presents on automated transit systems, providing sustainable mobility for more liveable cities.

During the stops in Kaohsiung and Taichung the roadshow is joined by 2getthere’s hometown, the city of Utrecht and the Economic Board Utrecht. Main vehicle for the roadshow is an environmental-friendly Orange DAF Truck and a built-in showroom to house the “Our City” exhibition. The exhibition inside the 40-foot container is a walk through a (smart) city, providing details on how we can make our city better: safer, greener and more convenient.


Organizers and Participants

The Taiwan-Netherlands City Innovation Forum & Roadshow introduced solutions for: smart city, urban planning, circular economy, healthcare & well-being, high-tech, intelligent mobility, green energy, agriculture & food, urban design, and water & soil.

Thanks to the organizers and participants: NTIO Taiwan, OKRA, Nelen en Schuurmans, LomboxNet, ELaandNL, Active Cues, Innovation Mile, professor Helianthe Kort of the University of applied science in Utrecht, Meccano, Holst Ventre, Philips, Invest Utrecht, Holst Centre, Jaap Breugem, Economic Board Utrecht.

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2getthere presents at Eco-Mobility Conference, Kaohsiung

Eco-Mobility-ConferenceRobbert Lohmann, Chief Operations Officer, 2getthere

[quote]“Our systems are electrically driven and build to last, improving sustainability and liveability of cities.”[/quote]


Ecomobility Conference

On September 24 Land Network and 2getthere presented at the 2015 Ecomobility Conference in Kaohsiung (Taiwan) sponsored by the Netherlands Trade and Innovation Office. The session included presentations from Ford, BASF and Blue Solutions (part of the French Bollore Group) and 2getthere. Obviously the local activities of 2getthere in Hsinchu attracted significant attention, resulting in a radio interview with  Taiwan’s only English radio channel ICRT.

The presentation led to several direct contact with other local governments, which will be followed up by 2getthere’s agent Land Network. In one case the local government will visit with 2getthere in the Netherlands short term.

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Memorandum of Understanding signed for GRT system in Hsinchu, Taiwan

[one_half]2getthere and Hsin-Chu Seamless Joint Co., Ltd. (Hsin-Jie) signed a Memorandum of Understanding on January 30th in regard to the realization of the Hsinchu GRT connection.

The MOU is a next step towards the realization of the connection between the local rail stations, Tsing Hha University and Hsinchu Science Park.

The system features 11 stations and will be able to handle 4,800 passengers per hour. To ensure the highest service levels to passengers, four different service lines are defined, with frequencies ranging from 1.5 to 3.5 minutes. The main locations within the system are served by an express line ensuring the shortest possible travel time.

HsinchuGRTlayoutHsin-Jie is engaged in managing, financing, realizing and operating of the PRT/GRT Project in Hsinchu, Taiwan. CEO Chia Feng Shih commented: ‘There is a very clear need for a feeder system in this area of Hsinchu. As Hsin-Jie we are eager to realize the system and contribute to the accessibility of the city and the improvement of local mobility. The system will allow passengers to get to their destination efficiently, reducing the congestion on local roads and improving the living environment in the process.’ [/one_half]


On behalf of 2getthere the MOU was signed by its CEO Carel van Helsdingen. He indicated: ‘The MOU is an important step towards the realization of the system. Our local representative, Land Network, and we have co-operated closely to get to this stage, but by no means can we consider the work complete now. We will continue working together with the local authorities, Hsin-Jie and other contractors towards the final contract, allowing us to start with the actual realization of this service to the local residents, employees and visitors of Hsinchu.’

2getthere will deploy its 3rd generation GRT vehicle for the application. The vehicle features an iconic design, accommodating up to 25 passengers. The vehicles feature air-conditioning and automated doors with a wide opening to accommodate wheelchairs. The GRT will be fully electrical. The vehicles are completely driverless and automatically guided by 2getthere’s proven magnet based navigation system. The maximum speed will be 40 km/hr.

To achieve the required capacity of 4,800 passengers per hour and the realization of the system and the service level to passengers, a fleet size of 55 GRT vehicles is required.


The signing of the Memorandum of Understanding preceded a symposium with various presentations from contributors to the Hsinchu GRT connection. Carel van Helsdingen presented on behalf of 2getthere.

Also see the report on the site of Hsinchu County Government.

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Land Network and 2getthere host Podcar Forum Taiwan

[one_half]On Friday March 8th 2getthere’s Taiwan based agent Land Network organized a highly successful mini-conference entitled Podcar Rapid Transit Forum. The forum was visited by over 100 professionals, representing counties, communities, ministries as well as investors, universities and media.[/one_half] [one_half]The program featured several key-note speakers, who shared the latest research and conclusions on alternative transportation for the Taiwanese market. Land Network obtained several enquiries as a result of the conference for potential projects to be considered.


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[one_half] As a result of the publicity for the system and the operations at Masdar City and Rivium, more and more people world wide are getting interested in the concept of Personal Rapid Transit. The mode is seen as a way to increase the catchment area’s of stations and function as a feeder system. PRT can also accomodate moderate up to medium passenger flows as a local circulator system at airports, universities and company estates.



Land Network from Taiwan recognized the possibilities of PRT and has the desire to introduce the concept in Taiwan. After careful research and a visit to the Masdar application, Land Network decided on moving forward with 2getthere. As of June 1st 2011 Land Network is the authorized agent for 2getthere for Taiwan.

In addition to the PRT system, Land Network will also be marketing 2getthere’s GRT system in Taiwan.

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