Trade Associations

2getthere believes that the knowledge on automated transit is dispersed. This is specifically true with regards to autonomous shuttles where inflated expectations are fed by marketing claims from car manufacturers, tech companies and aggressive start-ups, but also for automated people mover systems. To provide stakeholders, such as cities, developers, consultants and engineers with accurate information requires a pro-active approach in cooperation with other companies through trade assocations. 2getthere is involved in UITP (since 2019), Connekt (since 2017) and ATRA (since 2005).


2getthere joined UITP (Union Internationale des Transports Publics) early 2019. UITP is the International Association of Public Transport and a passionate champion of sustainable urban mobility. Over 1,500 companies, from 96 countries are members, making it a worldwide network of public transport stakeholders and all sustainable transport modes. With UITP taking a leading role in providing information, 2getthere decided to join the network to be able to contribute to the information being disseminated.


In 2018 CUTRIC, the Canadian Urban Transit Research & Innovation Consortium, welcomed 2getthere as one of its members. CUTRIC supports projects that develop the next-generation of mobility and transportation technologies for Canadians. These advancements help grow the low-carbon and “smart” technology eco-system in the country, leading to job growth and economic development over the long-term. By joining CUTRIC we get the chance to work with leading cities and companies in Canada, contributing to deliver the future. CUTRIC supports the technologies required for a 21st century low-carbon economy.

Drive Sweden

2getthere joined Drive Sweden in 2018, to actively work on delivering the next generation mobility system for people and goods. Drive Sweden was awarded the contract for this by the Swedish government in 2015. In order to reach our vision for a connected, autonomous, and shared mobility; a number of intermediary steps are necessary. Efforts in vehicle, mobility services and transport system research will be undertaken in an integrated manner that guarantees that Sweden’s mobility of the future will be sustainable, safe, efficient, while also being attractive.


Since 2016 2getthere is a member of Connekt, the independent network for smart, sustainable and social mobility. The trade association features a healthy blend of knowledge, creativity and dynamism within a network that brings influential parties together. With more than 500 partners across the globe we develop and implement tangible solutions that make the world a better place – ecologically and economically. The organization is involved in great variety of themes, ranging from Automated & Connected Driving to Smart Mobility & ITS, as well as starter of initiatives such as the Smart Mobility Embassy.