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Mobility is one of the most challenging issues facing today’s modern societies. In all countries mobility has become a problem: economically, environmentally and socially. To improve existing public transportation new concepts serving as feeder systems are introduced. Two Automated People Mover concepts, featuring fully automated, driverless vehicles that operate on a dedicated network of guide-ways provide such service: Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) and Group Rapid Transit (GRT).

Main reason to consider PRT and GRT are the reduced operational costs, total costs of ownership as well as the quality of service and revenue generated.

Company Profile

2getthere markets and develops sustainable Automated Transit Networks for personal and group transportation, which provide efficient, high quality tailored transport solutions. 2getthere’s proprietary technology consists of the TOMS supervisory system, the vehicle controls, patented key components (such as the magnet ruler), the license of the Free Ranging On Grid technology for PRT and GRT applications and the design of the vehicles.

The systems are based on 25+ years of technological development and experience with Automated People Mover systems. The network control systems and the electronic vehicle guidance have been used in various demanding situations.


The GRT ParkShuttle system was first developed in 1995. Pilot projects were realized at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (1997) and business park Rivium (1999), with the latter being extended in 2006 alongside the introduction of the 2nd generation GRT vehicles.

On November 28th 2010, Masdar City was the first permanent Personal Rapid Transit system in the world to open to the general public. The system was developed from vehicle design to certification by the Abu Dhabi Department of Transportation and was operational in just 24 months. It remains the most advanced PRT system out there, with the system availability consistently exceeding 99,4%.

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